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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  May 16, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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begin with maureen naylor who was with family and friends. >> reporter: brin arrived, via this medical jet 3-1/2 hours ago. the team waiting to help him is a man they are used to working with. >> the jet touched down at 1:00 where teams of paramedics were waiting. it's emotional. but i feel more happy and hopeful thoughts. i am more positive than anything. i am grateful he is able to come closer to home. >> she and others carefully unloaded him and on to a gurney. he was secured, covered and put on an ambulance. >> one step closer to getting back to santa cruz.
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>> reporter: his trip home from los angeles started in a ambulance to the airport. >> big day. the kid's dad is coming home. >> reporter: his ex-wife was also at the airport but the kids were not. they haven't seen him since the accident. >> i have always stayed positive and been very honest with the kids. but they -- they are excited. >> reporter: but their dad remains unconscious. still unresponsive. >> we are hoping he had enough time to heal and his brain will come around. he will make a recovery. >> reporter: coming up at 6:00. the special tribute from his co- workers and the hope if family has with his children. maureen naylor, ktvu channel 2
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news. >> stevenson live at san francisco general hospital. you just got an update? >> reporter: 45 minutes ago the neurosurgeon gave us an update. they say he is still in critical condition but he is now arresting here. these are pictures taken by copper 2 that is showing the convoy thought brought him to the hospital. the paramedic was transported by his co-workers. they brought him out and escorted him inside to the icu. his ex-wife and dozen accompanied him. earlier today we got a look at the type of room he is monitored in. devices used to track his brain's activity. doctors here say they are concerned about ongoing seizures he suffered in los angeles. his doctor said one of his concerns is how well he faired
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during the trichby car and plane from los angeles today. >> there is always risks in a transport. that's why we are doing a transport here. these patients become very frail in the uvu unit. >> reporter: 45 minutes ago the hospital's director told us they are only now beginning to analyze his medical records from los angeles before they can give a full update on his question. >> there is questions about whether he will have a full recovery or partial recovery. if we tune him up, get him in the best possible shape, we will allow him to have the repair to have the recovery he will be able to have. >> reporter: coming up at 6:00, more about the types of treatment brian stow will receive here and what we have learned about what the sf giants plan to do for him later
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on this week. reporting live, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. we continue our coverage of the brian stow story on our website with all the latest developments and ways to donate. go to a trip to alcatraz ended with a twin to the hospital for two. what happened and how those two people are doing right now. >> reporter: we are at pier 33 for passengers board the fairy. a tram accident caused some disruption. the incident happened around 1:30 and injured two passengers. a relative who was also on board identified one victim as her nephew of san francisco and the other as his mother who was visiting from houston. the family was riding the
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tranto the cell house when the accident occurred. the tram drifted towards a wall. >> it caught on a pipe that stuck out of the wall. the support for the roof, and it collapsed the front of the roof, the left side fell and hit my nephew and gashed his head and the right side fell and hit my sister in the eye. >> reporter: as a precaution the two victims were strathed to a backboard and a fairy brought them back to shore and then an ambulance transported them to san francisco hospital and the injuries are not life threatening. an investigation is underway to determine exactly what went wrong. reporting live, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. this afternoon the arrangement of six people accused of killing a german
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tourist. the victim was visiting with her husband when a stray bullet killed her. we spoke to the san francisco's district attorney's office today, no reason was given but we were told it is scheduled for june 13. we are on storm watch tonight. today's weather is making this day feel a lot more like winter. live team coverage for you, bill martin will break down the timing but let's start with robert handa. >> reporter: it's coming down right now. we are at kelly park, a popular picnic area. winter weather came in and plans got swept away. >> reporter: the bay area didn't get hit by a huge storm, just enough to cause problems for people trying to do their jobs or have plans to enjoy a spring day. today calfire launched its fire
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season staffing, they put in a half a dozen additional fire engines and boosted its staffing. but training had to take place in class rooms. >> the weather is quite drizzly and raining and cold. but we still have dry fuel within the green growth that still carries fire. >> reporter: today's weather forced the vector control to postpone its aerial photography mission searching for pools of water. >> we absolutely need to have that clear sky to get the job done. >> reporter: do the late rains cause problems in terms of creating more standing pools of water? >> they prolong the problem. the ren of winter condition is hard on businesses, like the zoo. i am not the only one here but those who did show up
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definitely had their reasons. >> we got rain coats. we are fine. >> you are coming no matter what? >> absolutely. when you have a busy three-year- old you are coming no matter what. >> reporter: they expect crowds to return. live in san jose, robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. it was wet in the north bay as well. these pictures were taken in san rafael. rain and drizzle falling from the sky making roads slippery. let's go to bill martin and find out how much more rain we will get. >> more rain tonight. heaviest rain is moving through right now. switch sources and go to live storm tracker two. overnight lows. 44 in santa rosa. 54 degrees in san francisco right now.
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there is the rain. here is the back edge of the front. heavier rain falling in parts of the concord area, towards the danville area, coming close, clayton, concord, dublin, these are all commute routes. san jose. we saw robert down there, scattered showers where he is. yellows are -- next to the radar, we are not seeing as heavy as rain as might indicate. ever green, campbell. there is more rain coming tonight. the commute is getting hit right now. traffic is slow. i will have the forecast for the next few hours as the heavier bands move through and then tomorrow, when more rain is forecast. tomorrow night into wednesday morning. keep the umbrellas handy. >> thank you. an hour ago, the national weather service put out a winter storm warning in the sierra. a live picture for you.
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20 inches of new snow. no major problems up there from the latest storm. a ranger said some camp recollection may have wokeb up cold but nobody was hurt. >> another picture to show you here. interstate 80. it's a slushy snow falling and it slowed down a lot of travelers. caltrans did not report chains required on interstate 80 or highway 50. >> pg&e is facing another lawsuit. an attorney representing representing the estate of james franco filed suit last week. he suffered severe burns and died at a hospital 18 days after the slows. poor pipeline maintenance led to the explosion. a spokesman said the company respects the victim's right to
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sue. home sales are still in a slump. 6,789 new or existing homes sold last month. that's down 3.7% for march and 3.1 from april of last year. home prices are also down. median sales price was $360,000. that is the same as in march. gut down 3% from april of last year. it was a tough day for investors on wall street. a morning rally stopped at noon because of worries about oil prices and earnings. the dow ended 47 points to close at 12,548. nasdaq closed at 2,782. the pentagon said a marine was killed last week in afghanistan. he was killed last thursday.
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the military isn't releasing any other details of the death. he served in the marines for 20 years. four americans were killed in afghanistan today by a explosive device. the names of the four who were killed haven't been released because their relative are still being notified. john carry is in packson to put relations back on track. he has been meeting with officials. some are angry about the raid on osama bin laden's compound. he said pakistan remains an important partner on the war in terror and he said his goal is to rebuilt that relationship. >> my goal in whiching here -- coming here is not to apologize for a triism against terrorism. >> al-qaeda has been blamed for two terrorist attacks in
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pakistan. two days ago someone through grenades at the embassy. al-qaeda vowed revenge. i have given you the blue print and now, you know, the other architects will start to screw it up. >> governor ron brown reveals his new budget. >> a big announcement from the sun's basketball team, what he is telling people about his personal life and why it's such a big deal.
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governor ron brown released his budget complete with billions in additional money. ktvu's ken pritchett is in sacramento tonight. what does this mean for his plan to extend tax increases? >> reporter: the governor is still asking for the tax extensions but he is not asking for as much money because of the new revenues. and governor ron brown says
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while the revenues are helpful to california's situation we still face a significant short fall. >> reporter: governor ron brown says the budget stands at $10 billion after a $6.6 billion in new tax revenue. >> the economy in california is looking good. not as good as it's been but definitely on the mend. >> reporter: half goes to k-12. the other half reduces the amount of tax extensions he is asking for but he still needs four republican votes. >> i am talking to anybody i think that is a plausible vote. >> reporter: republicans say with new revenue there is no support for new taxes. >> he is more comfort of the possibilities than i am. >> reporter: without tax extensions california faces an all cuts budget.
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it could mean another $5 billion in cuts to education. >> i have given you the blue print and now the other architects will screw it up. >> reporter: governor ron brown credited lawmakers with passing $13 billion in cuts. darrel says he is comfort a deal for the remaining $10 billion is possible. >> our goal is to get to our floor before june 15 and get this done. >> reporter: he is referring to the deadline to pass a budget that is june 15. it is rare for them to pass by that deadline. ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. >> governor ron brown said she wants to reduce the size of state government. he wants to elimination 43 state boards and commissions. that will eliminate 5500 state
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jobs. donald trump is a business moogal and tv star but today he turned down a role of presidential candidate. >> i have decided we will continue on ward with celebrity apprentice, we will make lots and lots of money for charity. i will not be running for president, as much as i would like to. >> he is the second republican to say no to a run for the white house. mike huckaby announced saturday she not going to be a candidate either. john boehner and others are gathering in san francisco tonight. raising money for the republican party. it isheld at the fairmont hotel. guests are paying $2,500 a piece. $5,000 for a photo op.
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ktvu's john sasaki is at the fairmont and will tell us why coming here is a good idea. the tour of california same screaming into sacramento. crowds, winds, rain and a run away balloon greeted the racers. organizers were scrambling to get that out of the way seconds before they sped by. it was supported to start at squaw valley bought snow made the roads too treacherous. they ran three laps before finishing at the capital. >> like nothing else. zooming by. >> everything they got after a hard day. >> ben swift won today's race. tomorrow runs from a burn to modesto. snow in the sierra and rain here. bill, how unusual is this for
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may? >> it's inconvenient but not that unusual. we get rain in may and snow in the mountains. we have had a busy winter, as it continues on on, it's getting old. a winter storm warning, live storm tracker in san raff el, you got rain right in time for the afternoon commute. the anyway ridge, it is wet. fremont, it's wet. heavier rain towards mission peak. the clouds stacking up. heavier rains stacking up because of mission peak. produces more rain showers. san jose, raining. it's right on the afternoon commute and it's not over. we got more rain in your bay area forecast through the next 36 hours. right now, temperatures in the 50s. highs in the low 60s. overnight lows tonight mid-and
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low 40s. it does feel more like february than may. here is what we got. 12:00 tonight, midnight, showers in the mountains. winter storm warning there. showers in the bay area. still hanging around. the heaviest stuff, in the mountains at 10:00 already moved through the bay area. scattered showers tomorrow morning, maybe wet roadways but it should be dry. into the afternoon, not too bad. more dry for your afternoon commute. tomorrow night. more rain. >> thank you. president of the phoenix suns basketball team says he is gay. he said he wanted to piece the
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silence of homosexuality and to serve as an example to gay people who wants to make a career in sports. selected from hundreds of bands to participate in next year's macy's thanksgiving parade in new york city. 200 students will make the trip and it costs $2,000 for each students so they will be holding a lot of car washes and bake sales to raise the money. a tsa agent stopped a pilot, not a passengers. also, rating fort knox, why some are planterring the country's stock pile of gold.
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the head of international monetary fund is staying in jail. dominique strauss-kahn entered a courtroom this morning and pleaded not guilty to charges. he is accused of attacking a maid at a hotel near times square. police arrested hymn on saturday as he sat on board a flight waiting to take off for paris. the federal det hits its legal limit today and one says relief may lie inside fort knox and its stock of goal. >> is there a reason the government needs to hold the
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goal? i am not sure. >> they released a report calling on the government to sell more of its assets. they say the u.s. is sitting on 147 million-ounces of gold. >> we are not talking about sells national parks, the washington mune ument, but basic court-martial land, there is no reason for washington to be involved in these. >> the white house is dismissing the idea overplanterring fort knox but president obama said he is open to selling federal assets. any sale must be done in an orderly manner. the u.s. energy department says gas prices dropped for the first time in 8 weeks. it could be a turning point. the price went down a half cent
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to $3.96 a gallon. bay area prices. $4.29 in san francisco. $4.21 in oakland and san jose. all of those prices are down a half cent from yesterday. police say behind these gates they arrested this woman and what he is charged with should have all of us checking our credit reports. residents went to court to stop them from cutting down a tree. ♪ ♪ free access to chase atm's wherever you are. that's a step forward. chase customers can avoid atm fees with over 16,000 nationwide. take a step forward and chase what matters.
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. complete bay area news coverage continues. this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00. what you are looking at here are items seized from what police say was the largest i.d.
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theft operation they have ever seen. police say there could be thousands of potential victims. tonight a woman is under arrest and facing dozen of charges. ktvu's rita williams tells us more about the investigation and the arrest. rita? >> reporter: what happened here at this apartment could effect a lot of people. even though they don't even know it yet. >> banging on the door here. bang, bang, bang. >> reporter: john says after midnight last week oakland police came knocking at his neighbor's door. >> inside there, computer, home office was right inside. >> reporter: what did you think happened? >> i had no idea. >> reporter: today police and
5:31 pm
agents showed photos of what they seized. printers, computers containing stolen information from thousands of people who don't even know their identities were stolen. >> we believe the majority of victims information has not been used. >> i know what keeps me awake at night and someone may break into my accounts. >> reporter: authorities rested mishel caviness-williams and charged her with seven counts each of passing forged checks and identity theft; five counts of forging california driver's licenses; and one count of grand theft. the bay area identity theft task force says there could be more victims and suspects. police say the suspect did not steel atm credit cards like these that she actually had blank ones and put real people's names on them. rita williams, ktvu channel 2
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news. today police officers are stepping up their investigation into the murder of a victim known as the church man. officers passed out flyers where a memorial has been set up. police say luis enrique tavara was found bleeding from head wounds last thursday morning. police announced a $5,000 reward in the case. some people in that area say it left them afraid to walk in the neighborhood. >> i am scared, shocked. i don't know if it could be my nephew, or one of my reltivals. i hope it comes to justice. >> we know that somebody in the community knows something. somebody here, not far from where we are at, knows something. >> reporter: he was known for his community work through his church. it will be 11 more days before six suspects in a gang rape enter their pleas. when we spoke with the district
5:33 pm
attorney's office we learned all six appeared in court this morning but two attorneys with drew from the case, which means two need to find representation. neighbors took up signs and stood in front of a tree to protect it from getting cut down. ktvu's kraig debro has more. >> we thought they worked it out. >> group of residents, some willing to go to jail formed a line around granny, their nickname for the oak tree. >> if that's what it takes. >> reporter: they told the county the tree would not be cut down, still they are seeking a restraining order against it. in march they announced a
5:34 pm
upgrade to the regional water delivery cyst. the goal is to restore green drinking water to their customers just one day following a earthquake. in order to do that they are moving land and removing trees. granny is one of those trees. those opposed to it being cut down say it's a heritage oak. >> degree was here during the american revolution. >> reporter: the dezination heritage would require them to get a permit before removing the tree. neighbors aren't opposed to the traffic, they just want the pipeline to go underneath it or along side it. >> no one likes to have this happen but you are looking at a situation where we can't protect our pipelines and they need that drinking water. it is 100% of the county depends on. >> reporter: they say there is
5:35 pm
no other way to put that pipe in unless granny is struck down. supporters say they won't let granny be cut down. kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. airlines are planning for a busy summer travel season. a trade group said today it expect as record 26.3 million people to fly on international flights. and they say it is projecting 180 million people to fly within the united states. that domestic figure is more than the previous two summers. the smell of alcohol leads the tsa to stop a a pilot. a pilot was scheduled to fly this weekend but a tsa agent smelled alcohol on the pilot and called police.
5:36 pm
the pilot's blood alcohol was over the legal limit and he was arrested. a woman's cell phone use stopped a train and gets her thrown off. she was on the train yesterday. passengers complained she was talking nonstop since boarding the train and got aggressive when staff confronted her. the train made an unscheduled stop where police escorted her off the train. the supreme court decided how the justices responded to a man's challenge to president obama using the word so help me god. also san francisco judge weighs in on the case of the twins who claim mark zuckerberg stole their idea. and the seal team 6 operation against osama bin laden's compound created a new market. what people can't seem to get enough of. ♪ you'll run outside
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with select services. wells fargo is planting the finishes touches on the take over of wachovia. sites like these will be a relic of the past. they will put their names on banks in florida next hunt. in august they move on to all banks in the mid-atlantic. a federal appeals court
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refused a request to re-hear a lawsuit. the twins claim facebook overvalued stock they got as part of a settle permanent. the only legal step remaining is a appeal to the u.s. supreme court. the recall of 1,000 blackberry tablet community. the reason is defective operating software. only play books with 16 gigabits of memory are effected. sunday dinners have taken a leap forward. a volunteer group started pouring local premium wines for dezdants at the -- for residents at that home. officials at the home say the wine is wonderful and the
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connection with the community is just as important. children taking -- drugs don't appear to be at a greater risk of getting heart problems. a study found no difference in heart problems between adhd patients and other children. researchers may have prove an genetic link to obesity. it identified a gene. scientists knew it was linked to type two diabetes and cholesterol levels. a major republican is supposed to be in san francisco tonight. an unusual visitor to this liberal city. raining on the afternoon community, will it rain on the morning commute? i will have the forecast.
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. protect and defend the constitution of the united states. >> the supreme court refused to hear a court today challenging the words of so help me gods during president obama's inauguration. he sued arguing it is unconstitutional. he was asking the court to overrule it. but he doesn't have a standing to challenge the ceremony. it doesn't mandate the phrases
5:45 pm
used. one of the most powerful people ventures into san francisco to too raise campaign money. ktvu's john sasaki tells us today's dinner is not cheap. >> reporter: we are standing outside the fairmont hotel where the speaker of the house is supposed to cash in. john boehner. >> reporter: as recognizable as any hotel in san francisco but tonight they are hosting something unrecognizable, a major republican fundraiser. >> i think it's a good idea to put perspective to the neighborhood a little bit. the city's former chairman says john boehner coming here indicates a shift in the political landscape. >> now that john boehner is making some in roads and we are
5:46 pm
doing thing, there is nor enthusiasm. >> i think it's ironic after years of attacking speaker pelosi and san francisco values he is coming here to take our money. >> rubbing the nose of a very liberal democratic area like san francisco into whatever their goals are. >> republicans who have been sitting in the background are coming out now, they are seeing the results of the obama administration and saying we have to get active. >> one visitor said it might give john boehner a new perspective. >> it will take more than just a visit to make something of a campaign. >> reporter: minimum price for this event is $2,500. the maximum, $30,000. john sasaki, ktvu channel 2
5:47 pm
news. some people can't get enough of the navy seals. in the aftermath of the raid that killed osama bin laden, books about the unit are flying off store shelves. t-shirt sales are off the charlotte. seal fit is offering exercise camps modeled after the training of the seals. we are learning new information about who is footing the bill for brian stow trip back to the bay area. >> reporter: ahead at 6:00, a loss and blow, family members take the place of their son who was beating to death at a san francisco nightclub. plus hailing a cab in san francisco is about to get more exepensive. and the criminal charge an 18- year-old bay area woman is
5:48 pm
facing. all coming up at 6:00. president obama visited memphis, tennessee today. the mississippi river flooding was not the only reason for the trip. >> all excited about graduating? >> the president praised these graduating students and the entire student body. the school was the national winner of the race to the top challenge for most improved performance. the president also met with flood victims. the rising mississippi river continues to cause evacuations and other problems. people are fleeing. authorities opened a major spillway over the weekend to divert flood water. it will ease the flood threat to baton rouge and new orleans. as bill martin has been
5:49 pm
saying, it's the timing that is so important. >> on the afternoon commute. that slows things down. i got the doppler radar going now. that gives us good bay area coverage. the back edge of the rain. that's the back edge. moderate showers in oakland, alameda, san jose, sprinkling and showering in the last three ahours. accumulations have been light, quarter of an inch, more in the mountains. half inch. more scattered showers in the forecast tonight. those scattered showers will linger into the morning but your morning commute is dry. scattered showers return tomorrow afternoon. right after the commute and then it rains tuesday night into wednesday morning. here is the satellite image. there is the system. all this has to go through in
5:50 pm
the next 36 hours. the main punch has gone through, right there. behind it, scattered unstable activities and the next system rolls in tomorrow night and wednesday morning. it is wet and it is slowing things down. quarter inch to half inch for most of us. maybe a inch in the coastal hills. as we roll into torm, scattered showers in the afternoon and evening and then more cool air and winter weather advisory, or winter storm warning in the tahoe area. rain leaving the area as we get into thursday. showers tonight. scattered showers tomorrow afternoon and evening. overnight into wednesday morning. tomorrow, looks like it did this morning. cloudy, light sprinkle, temperatures on the cool side, but not as heavy rain as we are seeing right now. tomorrow like it was this
5:51 pm
morning. tomorrow night the rain picks up again. 5 day forecast, morning commute should be dry. afternoon commute, not too bad. this all goes away wednesday mid-morning and then we go back to a more typical spring time weather pattern. >> thank you. a bee hive is creating a controversy tonight. she installed a bee hive to teach her children about equal but it is illegal to keep bees there. a neighbor filed a complaint. she will speak to the town counsel tomorrow night. the 3d super hero film took in $24.5 million. bridesmaid number 2. fast 5,
5:52 pm
priest and rio round out the top 5. america's most wanticide over. it hecheed capture 1200 criminals around the world. you won't have to go cold turkey, though, it will be replaced with four two hour specials next season. the space shuttle endeavor is headed to the international space station, what is linking congresswoman gabrielle giffords to her husband? the bus driver that held two cell phone on the job and why his punishment is creating outrage.
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. a bus driver was caught using two cell phones while driving. look at this video. you can see he is steering the bus with his elbow. the company suspended the driver. he is trying to set up his e- mail on one phone while talking on the other phone. tonight the space shuttle endeavor is on its way to the international space station. today space shuttle endeavor it blasted off from florida and into the pages of history. >> zero and lift off for the
5:56 pm
final launch of space shuttle endeavor. >> this is space shuttle endeavor's 25th and final voyage. 300,000 people turned out to see the launch. congresswoman gabrielle giffords was also there, she is the wife of the commander mark kelly. she has been recovering from january's assassination attempt. she watched from a private viewing area. >> we remember speechless during the process. she did say to me, she looked up and said, good stuff. good stuff. >> during its mission the crew will drop off a twice at the space station and they will conduct four space walks. on past mission kelly took gabrielle giffords' wedding ring with him. as she watched, gabrielle giffords wore his ring on a chain around her neck.
5:57 pm
stay with us, ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00 is next. surveillance video released from this nightclub could help crack a case wide open. why police waited till today to share it.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
. police release new evidence from a night a student was beaten to death, comes on the day his family receives the diploma their son would have gotten today. the trouble the rain is causing around the region tonight. complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00. good evening. i am julie haener. >> and i am frank somerville. today a family walked on stage to get their son's diploma and police are closer to his killer. ktvu's patty lee with more. >> reporter: video inside the club just before


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